Virtual Observatories


International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)
IVOA Interoperability meeting (=Working group meeting) 12-16 May 2003, IoA, Cambridge, UK

Working groups
Resource Registry
Unified Content Descriptors (UCD)
Data Models (DM)
Data Access Layer (DAL), SIA
VOTable | VOTable Documentation
VO Query Language (VOQL)

2. Virtual Observatories of the countries

Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (AVO)
Australian VO | Australian VO 2
Canadian VO (CVO)
Chinese VO (China-VO)
German Astrophysical VO (GAVO)
Japanese Virtual Observatory (JVO)
National Virtual Observatory (NVO) - USA
Russian VO (RVO)

3. Other VOs

Sky View

4. Conferences

IAU JD 08, Large telescopes & Virtual observatory: Visions for the future 17-19 July 2003, Sydney, Australia
ANITA (Australian National Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics) 2003. 1. 28-29 Observing the Synthetic Universe: Theoretical Astrophysics and the Virtual Observatory
The Virtual Observatory in Australia Workshop 2002. 11. 27-28
Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems (ADASS) XII 2002. 10. 13-16 Baltimore, Maryland USA
SPIE Conference Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, Session AS 13 on Virtual Observatories, 2002. 8., Waikoloa, Hawaii
2002 June 10-14 Conference at Garching, Germany Toward an International Virtual Observatory: Scientific Motivation, Roadmap for Development and Current Status
AAS Special Session - Building a Virtual Observatory 2002. 6. 6, Albuquerque, USA
Virtual Observatory - discussed in Chile 2002. 4. 22
NVO Conference (13-16 June 2000, Caltech) Virtual Observatories of the Future (ASP Conference Series, Vol. 225)
IVOA events and Meetings (IVOA Twiki)

5. Related sites

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Digital Dig - Data mining in Astronomy (ASP)
Semantic web
Open Grid Services Architecture (grid) | mono
Grid Computing
vo forum
NAOJ - SMOKA Science Archive
NAOJ - Digitized Sky Survey, IRAS Sky Survey Atlas (ISSA), Green Bank Sky Map | NAOJ - DSS Wide-Field
OECD - Global Science Forum (GSF) | OECD GSF (2002.1.31-2.1) | Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
STIMA (Scientific & Technological Information Management Association)
Elixir CFHT
Postdoctoral Scholar - Virtual Observatory Development (Posted on January 2003)
Contributions at astro-ph

6. Related articles

Ian Foster 2003 April, The Grid: Computing without bounds, Scientific American, 60-67
James C. White II 2003 March-April, Seeing the sky in a whole new way, Mercury, 37-41
Geoff Brumfiel 2002 November 21, The heavens at your fingertips, Nature, 420, 262-264
David P. Anderson, & John Kubiatowicz 2002 March, The Worldwide computer, Scientific American, 28-35
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